Dido的新专辑Still on my mind


Hi there. It’s been a while… 🙂 but I have news!
Firstly, I’ve got a new album coming out March 8th next year – it’s called Still On My MindI worked on it with my brother Rollo and it was just an amazing and magical experience doing it. We mostly recorded at home, all the vocals just sitting on the sofa and in between hanging out and having a good time. The album has just sort of appeared.
It feels like a particularly personal and emotional record for me and I can’t wait for you to hear it. You can listen to one song, Hurricanes, right now here.
And secondly, yes, it’s true, I can’t quite believe it myself, but I’m going on tour for the first time in 15 years. It’s been so long and I’m truly excited to get out there and play for you guys again.
Dates below and hopefully see you there.

Dido x


现在,发布了全新的单曲「Hurricanes / 直面风暴」, 现在只在iTunes、Apple Music和Spotify上架了,国内的几大APP都还没有正版可以听,但是,又不想开通Apple Music,虽然是有一个月的免费期,但怕是忘记关掉要开始扣费..等CD吧(或许国内的Apple Music根本不会有上架,也说不定),我还是会喜欢买CD多一点。




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